The “CHOICE” Company is a recognized leader in the production of health-care phytocomplexes and health food products in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Over the 13-year period of work we have helped thousands of people to maintain health and prolong youth.

In the first place we put the quality and safety of our products, so all ingredients meet the highest requirements. We take the best from nature: the grains of oats, wheat, corn, barley and herbs grown in the Carpathians and the south of Ukraine.

All plant material is thoroughly controlled, tested for environmental and radiation safety, and has the necessary hygienic certificates. We supplemented the natural power of grass and medicinal plants of Ukraine amino acids and vitamin-mineral complexes from the best manufacturers in France, Switzerland and Germany.

The factory “FITOBIOPRODUKT” where “CHOICE” products are produced is equipped with modern high-tech equipment needed to supply the dietary supplements with international quality standards. The “CHOICE” company ensures strict adherence to technology at all stages of production.

New technology for sprouted cereal grains, as well as strict adherence to high standards of production helps us to create variable phytocomplexes, which all have unique advantages and no analogues in the world. Numerous international patents and certificates of the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academy of NAMS of Ukraine prove the quality of our products.

The “CHOICE” products are unique dietary supplement with proven efficiency against diseases.