The aim of the «CHOICE» company is renew people's health, longevity and beauty thanks using our products for comprehensive protection of the body. Over 15 years the balanced medical and preventive phytocomplex, health food products and natural cosmetics sold under our brands have earned the trust of thousands of customers, both in Ukraine and abroad. The company currently owns four brands, with new product development continues.


Brand «CHOICE» known in the market of Ukraine since 2004; it’s a series of products for medical and health supplies. Its unique composition includes germinated grain oats, wheat and corn, as well as medicinal herbs and plants. Special technology using germinating seeds hydrolysis fermentation process greatly increases the content of vitamins, plant proteins and enzymes active in the final product. The complexes are selected in such a way that all the components mutually reinforce beneficial effect and increase the digestibility.

Products «Choice» works in three ways: sprouted grains nourish the body of vital substances, soft tissue effectively clears toxins and salts of heavy metals, active natural ingredients act on the underlying disease. All our products have passed clinical tests at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academy of NAMN of Ukraine, and in 2003 received an international patent.

«White Mandarin» is a new brand of natural cosmetics, which is produced by LLC "CHOICE" since 2012. Cosmetics «White Mandarin» made exclusively on the basis of natural raw materials, they do not contain petrochemicals, SLS and SLES, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes hazardous to the skin, hair and health in general. Rich formula of cosmetics with natural ingredients and essential oils preserves youthfulness of skin and hair lends softness, healthy shine and bright color.

Brand «Dobra Food» was officially registered in Ukraine in 2010. The basis of this product is sprouts four basic cereals such as wheat, maize, oats and barley. Germinated seeds contain a complete set of substances necessary for a balanced diet: vegetable proteins, simple carbohydrates, cellulose microfibers with vitamins, micro and macro elements, as well as plant extracts and phytohormones. This is a concentrated complex of nutrients in the most accessible form of the human digestive system, which promotes healing and strengthening the body and relieves many ailments.


Now the "CHOICE" company is actively developing new brands: