To reward our business partners the “CHOICE” Company has developed an innovative marketing plan which is fully adapted to the conditions of doing MLM business on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

The uniqueness of the plan is that it includes two stages:

Stage 1: the maximum number of % is from the 1st level of your network.

Stage 2: the maximum number of % is from the 3rd and higher levels of your network.

You can choose a time when you’re ready to go from the stage 1 to the stage 2 to get the maximum revenue.


You can evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing plan, using a calculator. Change the values of parameters moving the three sliders (number of people, the number of levels of the network, the average amount of purchases in points) and switch the buttons from the 1st to the 2nd stage of the marketing plan. You can see immediately the total amount of points and the amount of your monthly income from the network.

On how many people you and your partners will be able to invite?
3 partners
What will be the average purchase in your network?
80 points
How many levels will be in your network?
Level 3
Which marketing plan you want to choose?
The 1st marketing plan
  • The 1st marketing plan
  • The 2nd marketing plan
Your network is made up of 39 client managers it brings 192 points, equivalent to 1152 uah per month.

The table shows the detail of the calculations for each level of your network from I to V: the number of client managers, the score of revenue per client manager at this level, the final score for each level.

Number of client managers at the level     
Revenue per client manager at the level, scores     
Total from all level, scores     


A. In accordance with the marketing plan of the “CHOICE” Company you will receive a commission up to level 5, inclusive, simply by making an active purchase; even without leadership skills (almost all MLM companies apply leadership qualifications from the 1st level).

B. None of the stages of company's marketing plan involve a separation of leaders and their network branches (in a majority of MLM companies this takes place). It is a key item of stability and growth of your rewards.

C. The right to receive commission is independent of the sales of your network. Commission fee is charged to everyone who made any purchase in the current month. In order to get 100% commission, you must make a purchase of 80 points on your computer number.

D. Marketing plan of the “CHOICE” Company is designed for maximum payments, interest payments on each network are up to 56% of the scores.

The above conditions of our marketing plan provide a fast and stable business growth — proven in practice!


If you want more information about the marketing plan of the “CHOICE” Company, please, download our business magazine.